South By Stereogum Couch Cam & Behind-The-Scenes

I know … SXSW is so last month. But if you’ll indulge us for one final post.

Huge thanks to Lizz, Joe, & Jimmy from Immediate Media for presenting our showcase, to all the bands for the tremendous performances, to our MC and motel roomie Aziz Ansari and to John Muller’s BBQ for the sandwiches (provided by Yaris, which appeared at more shows than Tapes ‘N Tapes).

This was the first live Stereogum event, so I think we can call it a success. I was running around the entire time trying to make sure everyone got in, giving interviews, meeting people, etc… BUT that Stereogum shirt I printed with SCOTT on the back? I managed to lose it before the show, so sorry if you were looking for it.

Jonathon Purvis e-mailed us a few weeks prior offering his services to set up a backstage photoboothy thing. We said: go for it. In the artist room, he mounted a camera connected to a long wire with a button at the end so everyone could take self-portraits. We’re calling it the Couch Cam, and it was a lot of fun. Scott TAN! depanted, Pat Rogue Wave napped, Ryan Pitchfork made himself at home (John Vanderslice accepted our invite?!), and even Ted Leo got silly. At the end I let NY Noise take over to film “fashion segments” hosted by the inimitable Peggy Wang.

We’ve turned Couch Cam into a YouTube slideshow:

And here’s some live TAN! shot by Tara Young:

Setlists from Rogue Wave and What Made Milwaukee Famous:

CrazyTalk took some photos and has MP3 Q&A w/ the bands.

And that’s about it. Info on how you can buy a limited-edition SXStereogum silkscreen poster coming soon. (And we’ll be giving away a few — signed by Ted Leo — to some of you readers too.)

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