New Fleet Foxes Video – “He Doesn’t Know Why”

The introductory phase of the rollicking, harmonious “He Doesn’t Know Why” sees the Fleet Foxes dudes sitting around in a vintage-y looking, dusty Western setting with the threads to match. And then the bandsite gets invaded by a herd of goats? Why not. Call them “pastoral” and “bucolic” enough times, get the goat horns. It’s reminiscent of Vampire Weekend’s piss-take on their own image with the yachts, tea cups, and shades of the “Mansard Roof” clip: if it’s fair to make psycho-social associations to bands’ music, it’s fair — and fun — for bands to play with them. Also it’s fun to see goats baahing while the Foxes are doing the same.

Not like you don’t already have this:

Fleet Foxes – “He Doesn’t Know Why” (MP3)

Fleet Foxes is out via Sub Pop.

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