New Department Of Eagles – “1997” (New Song, Stereogum Premiere)

It took Grizzly Bear’s Dan Rossen and his non-Grizzly songwriting partner Fred Nicolaus a good five years to sculpt their second full-length In Ear Park. With “1997,” however, they’re already one track into a third LP. So maybe there won’t be such a long wait this time, all Dan has to do is finish recording the next Grizzly Bear album and not go on tour for like two years again. Here the duo set up in a DUMBO studio for a live take on a non-album cut, of a piece with previous singles “No One Does It Like You” and the new LP title track, fitting somewhere between them with the signature chord voicings that seem tailor made for a Lewis Carroll story, a typically great Dan vocal, and a touch of “On A Neck, On A Spit” to the bridge.

Dan’s starting to make it look easy. That one isn’t on the new album. These two are:

Department Of Eagles – “No One Does It Like You” (MP3)
Department Of Eagles – “In Ear Park” (MP3)

In Ear Park is out 10/7 via 4AD (vinyl’s out 11/4). Dept. of Eagles will be playing this year’s 826 Bookeaters Benefit show, alongside Paul Simon and appearances from Tunde Adibempe, Kyp Malone, Parker Posey, Ira Glass, Dave Eggars, and host John Oliver (The Daily Show). The band’s first ever live performance is Monday 10/6 at the Bell House, which doubles as a record release show. And if all that’s not enough, they’ll be on Conan this Wednesday (day after tomorrow). Set your TiVOs.

We’ll leave you with a performance of the album title track from the same DUMBO session: