New Jack White & Alicia Keys Video – “Another Way To Die”

The Bond between Jack and Alicia is strong. And by that I mean it has massive pecs and its name is Daniel Craig, because if we are talking musical bonds then no it is not strong. The musical bond sounds about as strong as White giving Alicia the keys to his 007 studio an hour after leaving and saying “Alicia please go in and sing the words and notes that I have sung and we will be a HIT BOND THEME COLLABORATION.” But the official hit Bond theme collaboration video does go a long way to establishing the pair have occupied the same space at some time, because despite the posing and instrument playing on green-screen sets hosting images of 007 opening-strut sequences and espionage-y deserts, there is a moment where the pair are leaning back to back while seated at Alicia’s keys. PROOF. Even so, I defy you to find a shadow in this video that isn’t created digitally. For added authenticity, of course:

They are so real. Better pairing: the White Keys or Meg LaMontagne?