New Luomo (Feat. Apparat) – “Love You All”

If you are looking to populate your next club mix, if you make club mixes, chip into Finnish beat sculptor Sasu Ripatti’s forthcoming, fourth album under his Luomo moniker (you might remember his other names, Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo, etc.). While Sasu’s last album, 2006’s Paper Tigers, featured vocals from friend-of-Luomo Johanna Iivanainen on nearly every track, this time Ripatti’s extended the role call, adding the likes of Scissor Sister Jake Shears (“If I Can’t”), the anonymously/awesomely named Chubbs (“Gets Along Fine”), and on my favorite cut “Love You All,” fellow Berliner Sascha Ring aka Apparat. With the known quantities come more pronounced hooks than Luomo’s hailed, millennial house triumph Vocalcity, or even Tigers, but maybe that shouldn’t be surprising: we’re told this is the first time Sasu allowed his vocalists in on the creative process. However it happened, “Love You All” is catchy, sweaty, dance floor ready. Cue Sascha’s sensual falsetto, darting bass pulses, sections trading layers of claustro clicks and cuts for airy, MDMA-baiting synths. I think we should have sex, is what I’m saying.

Luomo (Feat. Sascha Ring aka Apparat) – “Love You All” (MP3)

Convivial is out 11/11 via Luomo’s Humme label. Check out the Jake Shears track at MySpace.

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