New Sufjan Stevens – “The Avalanche”

As discussed yesterday, Sufjan Stevens has a collection of outtakes from Illinois out this summer. I was curious how you guys would react to the news. Many of you are Sufjan fans, but maybe you were sick of the album and all its year-end acclaim. Maybe I was too.

Well, after tracking down the title track (which was actually an extra on Illinois’ vinyl release), I have to say I’m pretty psyched. Beautiful banjo, swirling strings, woodwinds, and the soothing harmonies of Katrina Kerns. More Illinoisemaking? Bring It On!

“The Avalanche” was intended for a “leading role” on last year’s masterpiece according to Asthmatic Kitty.

In his rummaging through old musical memorabilia, Sufjan began to use this song as a meditation on the editorial process, returning to old forms, knee-deep in debris, sifting rocks and river water for an occasional glint of gold. “I call ye cabin neighbors,” the song bemuses, “I call you once my friends.” And like an avid social organizer, Sufjan took in all the odd musical misfits and gathered them together for a party of their own, like good friends.


Sufjan Stevens – “The Avalanche” (MP3 Link Expired)