A Hole In My Heart No More

Extreme frontman Gary Cherone, the worst thing to ever happen to Van Halen (and that’s saying a lot), and guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt are allegedly reuniting for a show in Boston this June. In fact, Blabbermouth reports all four original members are on board for a mini-tour of New England casinos.

What makes this intriguing is that while VH1’s excellent Bands Reunited convinced historically significant acts Berlin, A Flock Of Seagulls, and ABC to set aside their differences on-camera, Nuno was having NONE OF IT. He threw a tantrum, refused to sign a release, and robbed thousands of former fans of reliving their prom night.

So I won’t post a “More Than Words” MP3, and I certainly don’t give a shit that they’ve reformed, but I am curious: has an indie band ever covered this … sincerely? From a pure songcraft perspective, it is a perfect ballad, made more impressive for its overcoming a horrendous album title and cover, and boring music video.

Apologies for the left-field flashback. I have a hole in my heart for “More Than Words” ’cause my 6th grade crush once scrawled the lyrics on the blackboard. That week I became an extreme Extreme expert. Plus, it’s one of those songs to which EVERYONE KNOWS THE WORDS.

We now return to your regularly scheduled indie rock.

UPDATE: Take cover… (Thanks Sulley.)

Mike Patton – “More Than Words” (MP3) — This was bogus … sorry.