Stereogum Steps Into MySpace

Sure MySpace is a haven for sexual predators, but you can’t deny it’s changed the face of online music in a matter of months. For that reason, the site is able to bring NYers the hottest buzz bands from 2003 for free. Central Village fills us in to their not-so-secret matinee show this week:

MySpace Secret Shows Presents: A Special After School Performance with Franz Ferdinand

Friday, April 14, 2006 @ Hammerstein | Doors @ 3 pm

Wristbands will are available at the East Village Tower Records, but get this: in order to get one, you have to bring a printout of your MySpace profile with Secret Shows in the top 8, so we know you are truly a friend.

And with that, I’m happy/scared to introduce the inevitable It’s pretty pathetic right now, and obviously I haven’t put in any design time. (Should I go K-Fed camo?) But add me as a friend, I’ll add you back.

Question for the group: is a MySpace backlash in effect? I’m all for pre-teens bonding over shared taste in crappy emo bands — or Limp Bizkit members using the forum to dis each other — but I’ve noticed a giant increase in bands linking to their MySpace jukeboxes instead of free MP3s. And I want my MP3!