Sufjan Stevens Hypothetical Tracklists

Kevin at Randon In NYC is having none of this Illinois 2 business. He and his friends have been trying to see who could come up with the best hypothetical tracklisting for a future Sufjan Stevens 50 States release. “We have a lot of time on our hands,” he suggests — but I think this game could be very important to get Sufjan’s creative juices flowing. Here’s his six of his tracklists, forty-two to go!

  • New York, New York – It’s a Helluva State
  • Connecticut: The New England Tri-State!
  • Indiana: We’re Proud to be Called a Hoosier, Even If We Don’t Know what One Is!
  • Massachusetts: A State at Bay
  • Florida, The Sunshine State, Welcomes You
  • Texas: The Lone(ly) Star State

    Contribute your own in the comments if you’re so inclined. And speaking of Sufjan, I’m sure you felt a tinge of confusion over the Sufjan/Rosie Thomas baby hoax. Pitchfork promptly issued an apology of sorts, quoting the response letter issued by Mr. Stevens himself. Stereogum got our hands on the original unedited missive, and we couldn’t help but notice PFork left off section D. Though, if it was us — we’d probably do the same. For the Sufjan completists, here it is:

    A few things:

    a) First of all, I would like to thank everyone who called or sent notes of congratulations about the news of my baby. I am so proud.
    b) Secondly, the baby is a hoax. I had nothing to do with the baby hoax. I was as shocked as everyone else about the baby. Matthew’s story was so convincing I almost believed it myself.
    c) Thirdly, something you need to know about Rosie is that she’s really weird and she’s really funny. When she’s not singing songs, she dresses up in a neck brace and wears broken reading glasses and delivers pizza as a dimwit named “Sheila Saputo.” This is not the behavior of a normal person. So it’s no surprise that she could pull this off, this imaginary baby. But the fact is, Rosie is not carrying my baby. As far as I know, we spent quality time in the studio, not in bed. If Rosie’s pregnant, it’s not my baby. Maybe it’s Denison’s baby. Maybe it’s an alien baby. I don’t know. All I know is that the baby is probably going to grow up to be a clown, or a mime, or a bassoon player or something funny like that. Most babies come out crying, but Rosie’s baby is going to be born laughing its butt off.
    d) Fourthly, the fact that an internet news site printed a story about my baby without consulting me first is insulting. I mean, it’s my baby. Maybe I have things I’d like to say about the baby too. Such as: it doesn’t exist.

    Sufjan Stevens

    The Music Slut has an MP3 of “Adlai Stevenson,” included on a new KRS comp, but caveat downloader: the version of the tune that will grace Avalanche is very different, and supposedly much more complex.