Make Me More Mobile

Sorry that this isn’t music-related, but I could use the expertise of the tech-savvy ‘Gum readers. I’ve been living with the Sidekick II for over a year, and it’s pretty much a toy (no surprise, given it’s Paris Hilton’s phone of choice). You can send e-mails from it, sure, but they sometimes take 7 hours to reach their destination. No bluetooth, doesn’t sync with Outlook, no broadband … so obviously I need a Blackberry. Or do I? There are so many options on the market now. And keeping up with Engadget can be a full-time job!

My primary uses will be e-mail and web-browsing. Assuming price and carrier aren’t factors, what’s my best bet? (And don’t suggest a device that won’t be available until summer. I have no intention of waiting that long to upgrade.)