Kaiser Chiefs Play “Spanish Metal,” Cover MGMT

Last video around Ricky Wilson’s guys did expensive things like hiring actors and renting face masks, so it’s only logical that they’ve pulled the purse strings a little tighter for the next sample of their new, Mark Ronson co-produced album. The groovier, cowbell-clanging “Spanish Metal” (so called for the modal lead guitar line and use of distortion, don’t expect references to Orthodox) gets set to footage filmed by Tim Blackwell, capturing the band before, during, and after a performance in Werchter, Belgium this summer. It’s in slow-motion and black and white because this is rock and roll, you know.

That’s from Off With Their Heads, out 10/13 via B-Unique. This cover of “Time To Pretend” is not.

That’s just the latest in a new string of UK MGMT covers. Add it to Katy Perry doing “Electric Feel.”

More likely on the way.