Mark Knopfler & Emmloy Harris — Plus, Your Weirdest CD Soundtrack

Continuing on the classic rock theme, Mark Knopfler never gets his due. Amazing guitarist whose work since Dire Straits has been largely neglected. Granted, his recent solo releases have been uneven, but every couple of years he pops up with something that grabs my ears.

Like his one-off country side project The Notting Hillbillies, 1990.

   The Notting Hillbillies – “Your Own Sweet Way” (MP3 Link Expired)

And even the Wag The Dog Original Soundtrack*, 1998.

   Mark Knopfler – “Working On It” (MP3 Link Expired)

Now comes news that Mr. Knopfler’s quietly been compiling a collection of duets with Emmylou Harris over the last seven years. The results see the light of day on All The Roadrunning, out next week on Nonesuch. You can stream four tracks here. The first, “This Is Us,” is a winner.

*I was gonna save this for a separate post about the weirdest soundtracks in my collection. (Waking Life, anyone? Pollock?!) But since it’s a better topic for discussion that Mark Knopfler’s solo work: What’s the weirdest soundtrack YOU own?