Most Underrated Soundtrack?

Spin-off meme! I’ve been meaning to start this thread too.

Singles, Reality Bites, Dazed & Confused, O, Brother Where Art Thou? = everyone’s got ‘em. And rightly so, they’re great. But what obscure soundtrack do you own that’s not weird, per se, but just surprisingly awesome?

Stereogum’s? The Jackal. Never saw the movie; heard it was shit. But check the tracklist:

01. Fatboy Slim – “Going Out of My Head”
02. Prodigy – “Poison”
03. Massive Attack – “Superpredators (Metal Postcard)”
04. Primal Scream – “Star”
05. Bush – “Swallowed (Goldie/Toasted On Both Sides Mix)”
06. Ani Difranco – “Joyful Girl (Peace And Love Mix)”
07. Moby – “Shining”
08. Dolls Head – “It’s Over, It’s Under”
09. Black Grape – “Get Higher”
10. Goldie And J. Majik – “Sunray 2″
11. BT Featuring Richard Butler – “Shineaway”
12. Agent Provocateur – “Red Tape”
13. The Charlatans UK – “Toothache (Chemical Bros Remix)”
14. Lunatic Calm – “Leave You Far Behind”
15. Apollo Four Forty – “Raw Power”
16. L.T.J. Bukem – “Demon’s Theme”

I will never tire of these:

BT & Richard Butler – “Shineaway” (MP3 Link Expired)
Primal Scream – “Star” (MP3 Link Expired)

And that Black Grape tune, which subverts a Ronald Reagan anti-drug speech, is just hilarious.