Beth Orton @ Webster Hall, NYC 4/12/05

“I got a joke. What is ET short for?” Beth joked midset. “Because he’s got little legs.”

Completely charming, Brit chanteuse Beth had Webster Hall hanging on her every word and the single terrible joke, after taking the stage shortly after 10 PM on Monday.

Why the delay in this post? Well, I took notes on my Sidekick Deux, as per my usual dorky blogger/concertgoer ritual, but since switched over to the Blackberry 8700g*, losing all my notes from the night. But I do have photos:

Brooklyn Vegan alerts us that David Byrne was there as was Chris Music Snob, who didn’t lose his notes as I did:

“Heartland Truckstop”
“Safe In Your Arms”
“Stolen Car”
“Someone’s Daughter”
“Shadow Of A Doubt”
“Heart Of Soul”
“Shopping Trolley”
“Comfort Of Strangers”
“Sugar Boy”
“God Song”
“Best Bit”
“Pieces of Sky”

Encore 1:
“Pass in Time”
“A Place Aside”

Encore 2:
“Ooh Child”
“She Cries Your Name”

The song requests came nonstop. And Beth felt comfortably fun enough to throw a playful “fuck you” at those most insistent. From my vantage, “Best Bit” was Beth’s best shit; it seemed sped up, but probably wasn’t — just her most rock star moment amidst a night of lovelorn balladry.

And despite someone from Pitchfork (I forget who) e-mailing me: Do you REALLY like the new Beth Orton record?! a few months back, Stereogum unequivocally recommends Comfort Of Strangers. Amazon | iTunes

*Still figuring out this Blackberry. The Edge is nice, but the device seems to lack functionality I was expecting. A friend recommended I RTFL (“read the fucking manual”). And I did! And still — why am I getting the same e-mail 10 times a day from some people? T-Mobile’s fault perhaps. Peter from Engadget wrote me:

To be honest I’m not a big fan of any of the BlackBerry phones, but if you’re deadset on getting one you should wait a couple of weeks. T-Mob is coming out with the BB 7100g in about two weeks (I’ve got one here with me now), and it’s better than the ones they have for sale currently. I generally prefer a phone with a true smartphone OS (like the MDA and the Treo 650), you can pick and chose which apps you want to install. I’m actually looking to buy right now and am probably going to pick up the new Treo 700p when it comes out next month.

Would’ve waited Peter, but my Sidekick screen broke so I needed a replacement asap.

If you don’t have anything to say about Ms. Orton, at least tell me what your ringtone is. My current “Who Can It Be Now?” was funny for about zero seconds.