Islands In The Street

Last night we took in Dresden Dolls at Webster (review forthcoming), and while that was awesome, now comes word that a rock show considerably less conventional was happening downtown.

Islands played Avalon, and after a 20 minute-encore of “Swans (Life After Death),” led the audience out of the club, pied-piper-style, into the rainy Manhattan streets and continued the performance as Avalon shut its doors., who provides the above photo, reports:

Donning his acoustic guitar, Nick led the crowd outside with Jamie carrying his tom drum. The band and crowd made it around the block but were denied re-entry by the club’s security. Bus Driver then joined the crowd for a street party rap. The crowd cheered “too legit to quit!” and “Out of the club into the streets, The Night of the Islands can’t be beat!” before being dispersed into the night.

Check out Kev’s video @ YouTube too. Very cool.