Ron Artest Samples Coldplay

So, basically, premier NBA small forward and hair-trigger bench brawler Ron Artest of the Houston Rockets will sample the melodious sounds of Chris Martin on his new mixtape of raps. I know, you are so bored of this same basketball-player-samples-Coldplay story and its variants, but SORRY. We’re just reporting the news. You can hear a bit of the track “Lost (Feat. Ron Artest),” which samples “Lost” while featuring Ron Artest — and autotune, obviously — at You Been Blinded.

And you know, that’s cool, Ron. I like the idea of basketball players with anger and/or crowd pummeling issues turning to hip hop because all that rage has got to be sublimated somewhere, and better in rhythmically challenged raps than with quick fists to my face while sitting first row and hurling my beverage at a basketball game (I am always sitting first row and hurling my beverages at basketball games). Still gonna have to get up early in the morning to out-awesome Shaq’s freestyled ass-eating raps, though. Good luck Ron.

In other mixtape/sampling news, Wale met Seinfeld, and they had a pretty good conversation about nothing. Jerry’s a fan. (via Aziz)