Annie Covers Stacey Q

Internet-approved pop fix Annie has been dishing out pieces of her new bubblegum here and there, although her long awaited second LP Don’t Stop is already circulating in full around the dodgier corners of the web. And contrary to initial reports, the first single from the album was not a cover of Stacey Q’s awesome ’80s dance jam “Two Of Hearts” — in fact the track’s producer Richard X has a post that asks we “be patient, my children.” You can probably update that now, Mr. X. As far as covers go, file this one under “logical pairing” and “pretty reverent” and “probably unnecessary but very downloadable.”

Annie – “Two Of Hearts” (MP3)

Check out this seamless segue into bonus Facts Of Life facts: There was this one time Tootie tried really hard to get on Broadway and decided that “Two Of Hearts” was the way to make that happen. Oh, Tootie. Well, she sucked. But then later Stacey Q appeared in a pink leotard and showed her how a real professional sways her hips while lip syncing at the same time, in character as Tootie’s rival named Cinnamon.

YouTube and Wiki were invented for posts like this. Anyway, Annie’s Don’t Stop is out sometime next year on Island. Hear an album track, “My Love Is Better,” at MySpace.

[Photo from Velli magazine, Finland]

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