Department Of Eagles Make Their Live Debut On Conan

Not like live television debut, I mean like they had never before played as a band in public until last night, when they did so before a nationally televised audience. No pressure, guys. And yes that came pretty fast, but they had Bookeaters to plug, and chances are Rossen made a fan of Conan’s music booker last time he was on. Dan and Fred performed In Ear Park standout “No One Does It Like You” with a makeshift Department comprising Grizzly’s Chris Bear on drums, Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian on background vocals, and someone I don’t recognize but probably from Brooklyn on bass. (UPDATE: It’s Nat Baldwin, who I like a lot actually) The Williamsburg supergroup got through it well enough, although Fred ends with a little sigh of relief that says “maybe next time let’s do more shows before being on TV?” Fair enough, Fred’s sigh of relief. Fair enough.

That’s Louis C.K. on the couch with Conan at the beginning of the clip, just after killing it with the eight funniest minutes of the day for which you should stop everything you are doing and watch right now thanks.

Department Of Eagles – “No One Does It Like You” (MP3)

Department Of Eagles’ first full-set performance comes Monday 10/6 at the Bell House. For some unreleased D.O.E., try “1997.” Also that tag set is my favorite.