Gang Gang Dance Do “House Jam” In Tokyo

House Jam” is one of many standouts on Gang Gang Dance’s forthcoming Saint Dymphna. As mentioned, the new album builds on what they were doing in the past, clarifies and tightens: Dymphna works separately (there are true pop nuggets) and as a twisting-turning/percussive/spaced-out whole. It’s not as sprawling their earlier work, Lizzie Bougatsos’s vocal parts are often more obviously catchy/less free-range, and there’s more variation between tracks (as well as a guest rapper), but GGD’s knack for weirdo dance music — techno colliding with dub, Gamelan, Eno, Middle Eastern standards, Punjabi, and drone — remains. They also still kick ass live. See, for instance, this recent performance at Tokyo’s O-NEST club.

The portable “House Jam”:

Gang Gang Dance – “House Jam” (MP3)

There’s also this remix by Spank Rock’s XXXchange at GGD’s MySpace.

Saint Dymphna is out 10/21 via The Social Registry.