Liv Tyler’s Favorite Spacehog Songs

We were taking a look at Liv Tyler’s dino-rock heavy iTunes Celebrity Playlist (’cause we were always curious how Royston Langdon bagged her) and among Bowie, Kinks, and Marilyn Monroe (?) here are Aerodaughter’s requisite ‘Hog picks: “In The Meantime” and “Starside.”

LIV TYLER: “They’re both from their first record, which is called Resident Alien. It’s a really good record. It was their first record and they were all really young. I think my husband’s voice is really sexy.”

She was obviously not fooled into buying The Chinese Album like Stereogum. And “Mungo City” and (Michael Stipe duet) “Almond Kisses” weren’t half bad!

Or maybe Liv knows her husband’s best song is an XTC cover?

Spacehog – “Senses Working Overtime” (MP3 Link Expired)

So unglam Roy. But they look happy.

Speaking of Ringleaders … who saw Frodo get Punk’d (YouTube)? Awesome. “Almost got tears.”