New John Maus Video – “Through The Skies For You”

Panda Bear and Ariel Pink collaborator John Maus released a Noah Lennox-approved LP last year, Love Is Real on UK label Upset The Rhythm. Director Dima Dubson went back an album, though, to 2006’s Songs, to craft an alternate video for the triumphant, swirling synth flight “Through The Skies For You.” The original featured black and white footage of Astro Boy soaring in the ether, while Dima’s plays with skylines, soft camera focus, and giant crying eyes, pairing as a more interpretive and suitably impressionistic cousin clip.

Here’s some Maus you can roll with:

John Maus – “Do Your Best” (MP3)
John Maus – “My Whole World Is Coming Apart” (MP3)

Those two are from John’s 2007 release Love Is Real, and “Through The Skies” is from Songs, both out via Upset The Rhythm. Hear more at MausSpace.

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