Beck & MGMT Play Covers & Originals In Chicago

Friday night, before their official show at the Aragon, tourmates Beck and MGMT teamed up for an early evening set of covers/originals. (We know this because Nick B. tipped us.) The evening was organized by the Chicago radio station WXRT and took place at Martyrs. It has a start time of around 5PM, and went to about 6:15PM. Take it away, Nick:

All members of both bands, I think about 11 in total played. Everything was stripped down, all acoustic guitars, stand-up basses, banjo’s, melodicas, obviously a few keyboards for different songs and kazoos. I have attached a copy of the set list but it should be noted the final song, which beck referred to as “the big payoff”, was “All the young dudes” into “across the universe” into a little of “dear prudence” into “the wind” and then finally into “time to pretend” acoustic with banjo’s and a melodica doing the keyboard riff. I believe the theme of the night was wind due to the windy city. The cover of blowin in the wind was also played very slow, and almost Johnny cash/tom waits/delta funeral march style, very amazing. After the final song, they didn’t know what else to play so there was a little bit of free form which included another one bites the dust and others. Finally Beck and MGMT said they had to go because they had to play the actual show at the Aragon at 7:30.

We have the set list as well as video of the opener:

That’s how the set began. To see where it went, check out that aforementioned set list with Nick’s caveat re: the final track in mind, i.e. “the final song, which beck referred to as ‘the big payoff’, was ‘All the young dudes’ into ‘across the universe’ into a little of ‘dear prudence’ into ‘the wind’ and then finally into ‘time to pretend’ acoustic with banjo’s and a melodica doing the keyboard riff.” It’s unclear if any of this set made it into the later Aragon event.

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