Them’s Fighting Words, Doc

According to a press release we just received, Dr. Bruce Thiessen is a conservative singer/songwriter/psychologist who doesn’t like Neil Young.

In 2001, Neil Young swallowed his cynicism long enough to come up with a song tribute to the heroes of United Flight 93. His tribute, a song called “Let’s Rolled” [sic] earned him sharp criticism from some of his most loyal liberal fans.

Now he’s in the studio again, reportedly working on his Bush-bashing CD that is to include a song called Impeach the President. Well, unlike Lynard Skynard [sic], I’m not waiting for the song to come out. Neil Young (Have You Forgotten) represents my preemptive strike.

Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen – “Neil Young (Have You Forgotten)” (MP3)

I think this guy’s for real.