The Killers On SNL: Are They “Human” Or Are They “Spaceman”

Both. But Whatever you think of the Killers, one thing is inarguable: Brandon Flowers despises conventional torso-wear. The band returned to Studio 8H looking trim and with plumage on their shoulder pads (well Brandon did anyway) to perform two from their forthcoming set Day & Age: “Human,” which has been streaming and sounded a little less Europoppy live, and this album’s “Read My Mind” (which I love), “Spaceman,” originally debuted at that fan club show in NYC a few months ago).



Anne Hathaway hit her notes better than Brandon did Saturday night, but hey he’s looking just about as skinny as her at least (down to his Hot Fuss fighting weight) and I’m actually enjoying these songs a little more now. This cracked me up:

This was good too, punched in the face just before eating-y.

Wiig kills some more:

Best ep this season, which isn’t saying a lot, but still. If you missed it, Videogum’s got just the funny parts.