Jay Reatard Gives Spinner The Finger

Jay Reatard Gives Spinner The Finger

Memphis garage punker and Beck fan Jay Reatard stopped by the AOL studios to record some live clips and promote his Matador 7″ singles series. Like many previously non-AOL-ready artists before him, he approaches it with a bit of ambivalence. The performances are pure Jay Reatard (minus the audience), but he caps off a great rendition of “Let It All Go” by giving the camera a fuck-you finger and grabbing his beer. Much like when Win Butler smashed his guitar on SNL, it seems like a tired pantomime (and even a bit pathetic), especially when in order to watch these videos, you have to sit through a brief commercial. The obvious parallel to Kurt Cobain’s discomfort with Nirvana’s growing success is there, too. In fact, in the Spinner interview, Jay notes: “When I was talking to a few major labels, they said they were going to market me as the next Kurt Cobain. I was supposed to be the guy that’s going to kill emo. I’m not inspired to do that.”

“My Shadow”


“Let It All Go”

Additionally, you can watch some interview footage with Jay at Spinner.

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