New Atlas Sound – “Coffin Trick”

It appears as though Bradford Cox is into sharing free music again, despite the Microcastle and Virtual 7″ No. 4 leakage. (By the way, who can blame the guy for being pissed?) Today at the Deerhunter blog he posted “Coffin Trick,” a brief Lilys-on-Kinks-on-Shadow Ring (wait until the dark, cold end part) song about singing to the coffin in your head and elsewhere. He’s framed it as a Halloween trick or treat. It’s short, but I say treat.

Atlas Sound – “Coffin Trick” (MP3)

Try chasing it with Bradford’s take on Björk’s “Headphones,” which feels like drifting skyward after burrowing into the coffin. Also: That appears to be a young Bradford with his mother in the above photo. It’s the image he posted as “boo” with his October Micromix. I hope they found a great pumpkin.