‘Gum Drop Giveaway #58

One lucky person gets everything: A t-shirt (you pick the design), a tote bag (ditto) plus the actual ‘Gum approved Skeletal Lamping CD, LP, wall decals, lantern, and button set. That’s more of Montreal gear than even Kevin Barnes owns. This is what it looks like in a bedroom setting:

And, the individual pieces.

The totes:


The t-shirts:


The buttons:

The LP:

The CD:

You can see the lantern and the walls decals in the room pic above. We’ve spoken about the Skeletal Lamping collection in the past, if you need more angles. Or, you can go to Polyvinyl for more closeups. Note: On top of all this merchandising, the band headed out on tour yesterday. Check out the dates at of Montreal’s MySpace.


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