New Benoît Pioulard Video – “Ragged Tint”

Benoît Pioulard, aka Oregon (via Michigan) multi-instrumentalist Thomas Meluch, is putting out his gorgeous sophomore Kranky release Temper in a couple weeks. Meluch has earlier self-released CD-Rs and cassettes and the like, but 2006’s Précis and these 16 new compositions are easier to track down. See, for instance, the highly dramatic (and flammable) Ryan Jeffery-directed video for Temper opener “Ragged Tint.” It’s beautifully shot, especially the sunsetting, shadowy footage out in the wheat fields and the dust motes inside the house he discovers. On the album, Meluch primarily uses his guitar and his voice, but as you’ll note here, the number of sounds swirling around the core (see: dust motes) can’t be counted.

“Ragged Tint” would make a nice partner to Benoît labelmate Boduf Songs’ “Quiet When Group.” For after the sun’s gone down entirely.

Temper is out 10/14 via Kranky. The double LP vinyl version includes Précis, too. Grab some Benoît tracks here and here.