Even Conor Oberst’s iPod Is Sad

Even Conor Oberst’s iPod Is Sad

Speaking of celebrity playlists, whatever mope rock Mr. New Dylan has been listening to has taken a toll on his MP3 player.

BLENDER: Do you own an iPod?
CONOR OBERST: I do. I just got a new one, because mine just made that frown face. I didn’t know what to do


Meanwhile, if you caught the lackluster season finale of SNL, you witnessed the show’s very first Bright Eyes impersonation! It was during a sketch about Neil Young’s Living With War follow-up album, the even “subtler” I Do Not Agree With Many Of This Administration’s Policies. Host Kevin Spacey did a decent Young impression with “George W. Liar” (to the tune of “Harvest Moon”). Then, realizing how stupid the sketch is, he sort of reverted back to his regular singing voice by the time they brought out “Bright Eyes” and “the Dixie Chicks.” Anyway, congrats Saddle Creek!

More SNL fun: Here’s an account of the dress rehearsal. My favorite part: “At about 7:30, Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler came back from the new Apple computer store with an insane amount of free stuff, including iPod accessories and multiple laptops.” How did they know it was free? (Though I’m sure it was.) Kevin Bacon was there too (YouTube).

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