Jim James Rushed To Hospital After Onstage Injury, Cancel Dates

My Morning Jacket’s performance in Iowa City came to a sudden and unfortunate end last night when, after seven songs, Jim James “misjudged the stagefront” and collapsed into the crowd after some typically energetic stage-bounding during “Off The Record.” Drummer Pat Hallihan told the crowd, “Jim is really hurt and he’s heading to the hospital right now.” Read more at corridorbuzz.com and the Des Moines Register. No official word on how this impacts Jim’s $100-a-head Obama benefit tonight in Chicago’s Schubas Theater (or the band’s next two nights in the Chicago Theatre), but we will update when we know. We hope you get well soon, Jim. (Thanks for letting us know, Matthew B.)

UPDATE: Tonight’s event at Schubas has been canceled. (Thanks TC.) Unfortunately the band’s been forced to cancel its two shows at the Chicago Theatre as well. A message from MMJ below…

“As some of you may have heard we had to cancel our show last evening
in Iowa City. We were finishing up the last few bars of ‘Off The
Record,’ and just like any other night we were all having a great
time. Jim went to get closer to the audience on his side of the
stage, and as he moved forward to step onto the sub-woofer the lights
darkened, and he inadvertently stepped off the stage. Upon falling,
he suffered traumatic injuries to his torso, and was immediately taken
to the hospital. Per the doctor’s orders, Jim will be off the road
and recovering from his injuries for the next two to three weeks.
Sadly, we must postpone the two shows in Chicago on Thursday and
Friday until further notice.

For those who attended the Iowa City show, we would like to extend our
gratitude for your understanding and cooperation. We take our fans
and performances very seriously, and would never cancel a show unless
it was absolutely necessary. Please know that we will be making every
effort to return to your fine city.

Thank you so much to our fans for the kind sentiments and well-wishes
on Jim’s behalf. We hope for Jim’s quick recovery and to be back out
on the road soon.

With Love,
My Morning Jacket”