Denis Leary Loves Twilight Singers

Fiery FX drama Rescue Me premieres tonight, and its star/executive producer is taking some interview opportunities to give free publicity to the new Twilight Singers album.

Denis hit The Daily Show earlier this month and brought the CD with him:

“This is an album I had nothing to do with. It’s the best album I heard in ten years. It’s called Powder Burns by the Twilight Singers.”

He also says in the new Entertainment Weekly.

“[Powder Burns] is one of the best rock albums I’ve heard in 10 years. Thematically, it seems like it’s all connected to a dark story of addiction. It’s really powerful.”

Greg Dulli’s autobiographical tales of drug dependency do make for a great record. Especially if you like dense, guitar rock with a shot of depressing. Turns out, the song I picked to share with you is on the excellent Rescue Me soundtrack.

The Twilight Singers – “Bonnie Brae” (MP3 Link Expired)

Don’t tell Denis the show’s website never heard of them:

At last night’s Boston gig, Twilight Scissors Singers did Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” (They’re a great cover band too.) I’ll keep an ear out for MP3.

I should mention that “Bonnie Brae” song features Ani Difranco. Dulli told Billboard:

“I’ll tell you, I love the wall-of-sound. I really do. I love layering and I love the discovery of new parts to go with other parts. That song in particular sonically came alive when I added the mellotron to it. And then when Ani did her harmony vocals at the end, it sonically blows my mind. So, that song in particular, it’s one of my favorites I’ve done in the last couple of years.”

Stream more Powder Burns here.