Let’s No Crazy

Gnarls Barkley’s little single that could is dead. You’ll remember “Crazy” made headlines in April when it became the first UK chart topper based on download sales alone. Now that the song’s held the spot for nine weeks (a feat not witnessed since, er, Wet Wet Wet) and made waves from Indio to New Zealand the dynamic duo has retired it.

Mr. Mouse said in a statement:

“I consider myself a realist. I suppose that goes for most of us. But I have found a way to at once hold them, fold them, walk away and run. This was not a painless decision. But pain is nothing but a bi-product of beauty. Potentially toxic, to be sure, but that’s all it is.”

But they’ll perform it at the MTV Movie Awards, natch.

If you still wanna get “Crazy,” don’t despair. It’s on track to be the most covered tune this year, the “Hey Ya” of 2006. Ray LaMontagne, Twilight Singers … even Paris Hilton is allegedly recording a version in a misguided attempt to convince us she has a soul. Today Dodge is serving up an MP3 of Nelly Furtado’s take.

I’ve never heard of a band “withdrawing” a single for fear of overexposure … though I have some suggestions (cough, James Blunt, cough).