New Paris Hilton – “Stars Are Blind”

Holy shit! What’s wrong with me? I actually like this song.

It’s slick and unadventurous, but that chorus is undeniable. One could easily imagine Gwen Stefani delivering the reggae-lite nugget. Even Paris’ inflections reek of L.A.M.B.. Her voice is passable — she’s no, um, Brittany Murphy — but since Ashlee Simpson topped the charts, my expectations for pop stars have been lowered. I even give the production team credit for going all ’80s (shades of Matthew Wilder) instead of inflicting some tired bass-heavy club jawn on us. Of course, I don’t expect any of you to set aside your bias against the heiress/porn star we love to hate. Fair enough, just spare us the corny “…And I go deaf” comments.

Gotta go YouSendIt on this one, lest Stereogum’s bandwidth goes Popoazao.

Download Ms. Hilton’s “Stars Go Blind” (MP3) here.

Incidentally, Paris is not helping us take her singing career seriously. During the video shoot for this debut single, her boob popped out of her swimsuit. Despite the double-sided tape! Pic after the jump.

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