New TV On The Radio – “I Was A Lover”

Ha, even my Ashlee-loving wife hates that Paris Hilton single. I tried the “But imagine it was Gwen Stefani!” line … no go.

So in an effort to prove I haven’t lost my mind, here’s the opposite of “Stars Are Blind” — the least accessible, but most inventive tune from the forthcoming TV On The Radio. Here the band’s layered hip-hop beats, a chopped-up string sample, and dissonant riffs in an atonal exercise in difficult listening. I’m just amazed they heard a song in the strange combination of sounds. There’s even a left-field piano break in the middle. “I was a lover / before this war” goes Kyp’s falsetto refrain. The cacophony suits his politics.

TV On The Radio – “I Was A Lover” (MP3 Link Expired)

Return To Cookie Mountain (great title) is out 7/6.