Kanye Performs “Love Lockdown” For His Good Friend Ellen DeGeneres

Kanye and Ellen DeGeneres are like really tight? Sure why not. Instead of MTV or BET or even his own blog, the “Love Lockdown” premiere went to Ellen TV earlier this week, where she let us know he was her “good friend” and that the video was “brilliant.” Later we found out the video was also inspired by American Psycho (the monochromatic apartment part, not the glow-in-the-dark dancing tribespeople part.) So then a day later Ellen, staggering the Kanye content for optimum ratings benefit (that’s how friendships work, you stagger content and calculate ratings benefits all the time), showed this clip of Kanye in her studio a doing a live take on his dejected-and-autotuned jam. West brings a crisp suit and the Daft Punk drumline and some pathos, Ellen repays him with a big Ellen hug.

(via kanYe West: Blog)

There’s something cute about the two of them, I’ll admit. They should probably just start dating. That would work, right? About his upcoming album, Kanye told Ellen the secret to having good taste: “I had all these ideas and I just needed to get it out as an artistic vision. I don’t have a rapper’s name, [but] I have really good taste and anyone who likes it probably has really good taste too.”

If you are interested in demonstrating your good taste to the world, Mr. West’s 808’s & Heartbreak is out 11/25. Here’s a live clip of “Heartless,” another album track.