A Long Decemberist Song

Colin Meloy & Co. have revealed the Decemberists’ Capitol debut will be called The Crane Wife, out 10/3. Some of the songs they’re working on are over 10 minutes long (not so surprising given it’s the crew that gave us The Tain.) Here, via Pitchfork, is the announcement sent to the band’s mailing list:

“This one’s going to be really good, though. Undoubtedly the best thing we’ve done to date. And while that might smack of hyperbole (‘didn’t they say that about the last record?,’ you well may be thinking…), we can guarantee that it, at the very least, will be decidedly above average.”

I dig above average albums! Maybe we’ll find out what a chimbley is. I assume it’s like a chimney but, you know, more Victorian.

Here’s the band doing some Björk. People either LOVE or HATE this cover.

The Decemberists – “Human Behavior” (MP3 Link Expired)