Newsflash: Bloggers Like Tapes ‘N Tapes

Ex-Spinner Sia Michel knows it was blogs that rendered her former stomping grounds irrelevant so she’s taking our collective ego down a notch with this T’NT review in today’s New York Times.

“Tapes ‘n Tapes is indie rock’s latest Internet-driven mini-success story, which is no surprise. This charmingly nerdy quartet is just the kind of band a blogger loves. … Most important, their work seems humble, as if they aren’t quite sure they deserve to be liked. When the record labels came calling, bloggers got to feel good about themselves, as if they had saved nice guys from a sad life of dive bars and bowling alleys.

Ouch. Does this mean Zach Condon wasn’t gonna work at Jack In The Box until we linked to his site?! Just kidding. There isn’t a Jack In The Box in Albuquerque.