New Death Cab For Cutie Video – “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

I know Death Cab posts make the readers all crazy-like. But I’m still a fan, so deal.

here’s the video link to the band’s new “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” video.

The clip doesn’t hold a candle to director Jamie Thraves’ memorable collaborations with Radiohead (“Just”) and Coldplay (“The Scientist”), but hey … it’s Gibbard in a tie! And at least I know where to capo now.

DCFC also stopped by Henry Rollins’ show on IFC. Watch some web-only Q&A here. Watch some acoustic “Sound Of Settling” here.

The Henry Rollins Show airs Saturdays at 10. I keep forgetting to DVR, which sucks ’cause they’ve had great guests: Sleater-Kinney, Frank Black, Ben Folds, BRMC, Aimee Mann, John Doe … just to name six. Perry Farrell and Deadboy & the Elephantman are up next episode.