New Beck – “Soldier Jane” (Live)

You’ve probably read that Beck’s follow-up to Guero/Guerolito is completed. Produced by Nigel Godrich, the LP will likely include some combination of songs debuted on his site in December plus the new hotness — “Nausea,” “100 BPM Minute,” “Elevator Music,” and “Soldier Jane” — Beck’s been previewing on his current tour. sent us this setlist from the Fillmore stop.

Don’t have a boot of that one, but I am enjoying the sounds of Santa Cruz. Here’s one of the new ones, “Soldier Jane.” The audio could use cleaning … if you wanna tweak the volume and send back, I’ll rehost and we’ll all love you. (UPDATE: TheReatlPatBlair cleaned it up a bit … thanks Pat!)

Beck – “Soldier Jane (Live Santa Cruz 5-30-06)” (MP3 Link Expired)

Can someone explain this tour’s menagerie of puppety oddbals?