Lindsay Lohan Very Into .38 Special, British Punk Rock

Lindsay Lohan, who is all grown up if you didn’t hear, continues to fascinate with her denials about global warming (iFilm).

But this is a music blog. And we wanna know what’s on her iPod! Westwood One comes through:

LINDSAY LOHAN: “Arctic Monkeys, Hard-Fi, still listen to .38 Special, Journey, Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin. I listen to everything. I listen to hip hop. Oh, I love Goldfrapp for a different kind of vibe. Tegan and Sara, I love, love that song. I don’t know, I have all these random things on my iPod and like all? I?m very into British punk rock right now. Oh, The Academy is amazing.”

No “Please Please”? Liar.

But thanks for sharing, firecrotch.