Bluegrass Is The New Reggaeton

Last week the blogosphere went apeshit when footage of David Lee Roth performing “Jump” bluegrass-style hit YouTube. I’ve actually been searching for MP3 from Strummin’ With The Devil for weeks. But no luck (UPDATE: Thanks Seth! See below). So watch the video if you’re one of the ten people who haven’t seen it. Stare in awe at the stupid grin on Roth’s face. No one loves DLR more than DLR.

Bluegrass versions of pop tunes are always welcome on my iPod. Some notables:

  • Old School Freight Train – “Kelly Watch The Stars” (MP3 Expired, Air cover)
  • The Moody Bluegrass – “Nights In White Satin” (MP3 Expired, Moody Blues cover, duh)
  • Pickin’ On… – “Livin’ On A Prayer” (MP3 Expired, Bon Jovi cover)
  • Nickel Creek – “Spit On A Stranger” (MP3 Expired, Pavement cover)
  • Pickin’ On… – “Take Me Out” (MP3 Expired, Franz Ferdinand cover)
  • Hard ‘N Phirm – “Rodeohead” (MP3 Medley, Radiohead covers)
  • Dolly Parton – “Travelin’ Prayer” (MP3 Expired, Billy Joel cover)
  • Pickin’ On… – “Float On” (MP3 Expired, Modest Mouse cover)
  • John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band & David Lee Roth – “Jump” (MP3 Expired, Van Halen cover)

    Can you believe there’s even a bluegrass tribute to Lifehouse?

    Dolly’s track’s sort of a cheat ’cause the original tune is pretty bluegrass itself. Special thanks to Moody Bluegrass for sparing us Late Lament. First time I heard that on the radio, I thought it was the DJ. On acid.

    Anyway, ever since DJ Diamond Dave was fired, he’s been telling reporters a Van Halen reunion is “inevitable.” Dave, we love ya, but Eddie can’t stand to look at your face. Start sendin’ out those resumes!

    A couple of “Jump” covers after the, um, jump.

    If you haven’t heard Mary Lou Lord’s acoustic take you’re in for a treat.
    Mary Lou Lord – “Jump” (MP3 Expired)

    If you haven’t heard Paul Anka’s swing version, you’re in for a laugh.
    Paul Anka – “Jump” (MP3 Expired)

    Got any “Jump” covers? Send my way. (No Pointer Sisters please.)