Bonnaroo Sold Out!

Last year at the ‘Roo, there was some mumbling in the press tent that attendance was down … that someone died … that flash floods were coming. Well, that was all true, but this year Manchester, TN is the place to be this weekend. The fest has now SOLD OUT. From their newsletter:

There will be no tickets available for sale at the festival site. If you don’t have a ticket, we strongly urge you to stay home and not to come to the festival expecting to purchase one.

People will show up anyway. They always do. But I’ve got my tickets and I’m psyched. It’ll be my third year there and I work pretty hard to take it all in. Seeing as many bands as possible. Going to every press conference. Huffing paint thinner with String Cheese Incident (kidding).

Two questions for you:

(A) Any recommendations?

(B) Anyone going and wanna meet up? I think there’s a big blogger contingent this year.

And next weekend? S’all about Desdemonafestival.

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