New Doveman – “Happy”

Stereogum fave Doveman is embarking on its first real tour. Thomas bought a van and everything! They’re touring as a trio (Thomas, Sam, and Shahzad) except for the New York dates, which will be full band.

I got a sneak peek, er listen, at their lovely next LP, which is unfinished, untitled, and so far without a label. Here’s the world premiere of one of my favorite songs from it. It’s a rough mix, but quite close to the finished product. I love how the subtle horn and piano flourishes never overtake Thomas’ whisper, until the whole thing builds into a driving anthem I feel like I’ve listened to for years. Really beautiful. I think you’ll dig it.

Doveman – “Happy” (MP3 Link Expired)

Here’s a note from Doveman to YOU:

“Dear readers of the ‘gum, dovefriends and dovefiends alike: — For about two hours in the morning, we thought that our new van (which we bought from someone off of Craigslist on Monday and promptly christened, naturally, The DoveVan) was a stolen vehicle, after discovering that the name on the title was not the name of the guy who had sold it to us. Amazingly, we were able to find the woman whose name was on the title on MySpace, and confirm that it was not, in fact stolen (there’s a New York Times article on social networking through Myspace and Craigslist in there, I feel sure). Then we got it registered in Montpelier, drove on to Montreal, played a show, got back on the road to Vermont, and at 4 in the morning driving down I89 our tire blew out. We’re considering traveling by donkey from here on out. A moment of real pleasure in an otherwise trying day: A stunning set by our opening act for this tour, David Thomas Broughton. This is his first time in the States, and he really shouldn’t be missed. Anyway, we hope you like the song. Wish us luck.”

No one said rock ‘n’ roll was easy. But it’s nice to hear a MySpace story that doesn’t involve child predators or extortion plots.

You guys know David Thomas Broughton, right? Here’s a tune from his highly acclaimed The Complete Guide To Insufficiency.

David Thomas Broughton – “Execution” (MP3)

At first I wasn’t sure if I was hearing the lyrics correctly. Pitchfork confirms ‘em: “I wouldn’t take her to an execution/ I wouldn’t take her to a live sex show/ I wouldn’t piss or shit on her, would I?/ Because I love her so.” Romantic!

Doveman & David Thomas Broughton Tour Dates
6/14: subterranean, chicago IL
6/15: vaudeville mews, des moines IA
6/17: missoula, MT
6/18: clarkston, WA (w/ the robot ate me)
6/19: towne lounge, portland OR (w/ the robot ate me)
6/20: cafe du nord, san francisco CA
6/21: tangier, los angeles CA
6/22: solar culture, tucson AZ
6/23: modified, phoenix AZ
6/27: tonic, new york NY\

“Happy” lyrics after the jump.

Doveman – “Happy”
I peel back your eyes and step inside
In the entrails of your dreams, there I’ll reside
But now it’s getting light and your eyes open wide
All dreams evaporate, there’s no place left to hide

And all that I thought I saw in you

And can you fill these rooms
With all you left behind
And even if I didn’t give my life to you
At least I tried
And can you hope to hold
The distance in your eyes

Moonlight recovers me, and nightime heals my wounds
But still this life is going to end so much too soon
The hour is late enough, it’s high time to begin
And so I close my eyes and slip softly in

And all that I thought I saw in you
Is fading

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