Perry Farrell So Not On The Same Planet

You’ve probably read about Perry Farrell’s latest project Satellite Party. If not, you can check out MySpace and stream a song called “Awesome” that is far from awesome. Apparently the guitarist from Extreme is in the band, which is news to Perry.

Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins told Rolling Stone that Farrell had no idea who Nuno was when he hired him.

“I guess everybody was giving Perry shit about it, and he didn’t really know. He’s like, ‘I don’t know, man, I met this guy at this party and I got along with him, we’re writing some songs.’ So like, Flea and everybody are just going, ‘You dork, why are you hanging out with that guy?’ I love that Perry is so not on the same planet as everybody he just missed that completely.”

In Perry’s defense, he was on an acid trip for most of the ’90s. I wonder if he remembers Porno for Pyros.