Catching Up With Christopher O’Riley

I’m also up for crossgenre’d interpretations of indie rock. Gold Sounds was surprisingly awesome.

Classical pianist Christopher O’Riley, who has done some truly majestic work with Radiohead’s catalog, had his work cut out for him with Home To Oblivion, a collection of Elliott Smith covers. Smith fans take that shit seriously.

O’Riley stopped by NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday to discuss the challenge of translating Smith’s lyrics and music and why he thinks the late songwriter is the greatest American songwriter of the past 60 years. Interesting stuff. Listen here (Win Media).

Pitchfork hated the album, which Christopher acknowledges on his site: “Same guy who hated me last time, this time more articulately, I’d say, so whether he likes it or not, I seem to be getting through to him.”

He’s put two tracks on his site, though. So you can decide for yourself.

Christopher O’Riley – “Roman Candle” (MP3)
Christopher O’Riley – “Not Half Right” (MP3)