French Kids Love Laura Veirs

I’ve long championed Laura Veirs, and at her Mercury show I even met Sufjan! So she can do no wrong in my book.

Laura posted an interesting story on Nonesuch’s blog.

About a year and a half ago during a tour through France, a man named Patrice introduced himself after a show. He told me he was teaching some of my songs to his middle school music class. “Wow, I’d love to hear a recording,” I told him. A few months later, back in Seattle, I received a package with their renditions of “Rapture” and “The Cloud Room”. Forty-five pure, young, French-accented voices piped through my speakers, and I sat there dumbstruck. Accompanied by cello on the first song and a rock band on the second, this mysterious children’s choir gave me the surprising gift of hearing my songs in a whole new light. I wrote them a letter thanking them for the honor, and they replied with a plan to do a full concert of my songs the following Spring…

So in April, Laura headed to Cologne to watch a young French choir perform her songs. Langley for the folk-minded.

Here, from the performance, is a recording of “two adorable 11-year old girls who also played double recorder solos.”
Patrice’s French Middle School Class – “Magnetized” (MP3)

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