John Mayer Thinks He’s Funny

Though he’s got chops (dude held his own with Herbie Hancock at last year’s Bonnaroo), John Mayer writes songs that are a little too sappy for my taste. However, I give him props for funny. If you’ve seen John on Chapelle’s Show and VH1’s John Mayer Has A TV Show or even read his Esquire columns, you know.

Now he’s trying stand up.

Best Week Ever reveals that Mr. Your Body Is A Wonderland will drop by The Comedy Cellar in NY at 11 tonight.

Can someone go and tell us if he bombs? Apiary?

I wonder if he does impressions.

UPDATE: Posted on MayerSpace:
I am not doing stand up tonight.
Someone got very excited when I said “I’ll call you tomorrow.”
I won’t ever get on stage at a comedy club when people know about it.
Quite simply, I can’t defend it. Don’t want to, either.
Just want to attack a new learning curve, and a different form of observation. I like sucking at something I love. Keeps it honest.
This is some Rosie O. haiku shit, huh.

Signing off


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