Beirut Doesn’t Read Blogs

NY Press talks to music blogosphere sensation Zach Condon.

Before the indie rock blogosphere creamed itself for Zach Condon and his lil’ Balkan experiment, Beirut, the 19-year-old Brooklynite wasn’t aware of daily-destination-mp3-depots … “I was never much of a computer or Internet person to begin with. Most I ever used the computer for was Pro Tools, when I recorded the album. … I still don’t use the Internet so much. I stop by a few blogs from time to time to check out what they thought of our live show, but that’s about it.”

Zach also admits his first show was a disaster (“When we got on stage everything just started bending out of tune, and I realized I’d been working my entire life with the cheapest of equipment.”)

The good news is that Zach’s got new gear! So expect less off-key ukele solos if you’re heading to NorthSix this weekend. A Hawk and a Hacksaw will be joining the band.

6/23 TK Gallery, northampton MA
6/24 Lily Pad Cambridge, MA
7/21 Bowery Ballroom, NYC (with Jens Lekman)
8/23 Warehouse Next Door, Washington DC
8/24 Khyber, Philadelphia PA

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