Stereogum At Bonnaroo Pt. 1

Live from Manchester, Tennesse, it’s Friday afternoon. Thanks to the folks in the AT&T Blueroom, I can file a Day One ‘Roo report. Last night was slim pickings obviously — most of the notable bands that played will have other sets this weekend. But I did watch Matt Costa’s quintet maneuver from a Britpoppy “Yellow Taxi” to the country swing of “Sweet Rose.” I’m not very familiar with his stuff; one song sounded like a mash-up of “Beetlebum” and “Just.”


Next up: some middle-eastern flavored rock from Devotchka (who I actually saw a second time at the Sonic Stage a little while ago). Didn’t hear that awesome Siouxsie cover, though.


Over at This Tent, Joel from dios (malos) proclaimed, “I know this is night one of Bonnaroo, but I guarantee no band is as fucked up as we are.”


And then … THUD! A totally naked dude from the audience fell from a lighting rig he had climbed up. Right in front of me. The band stopped playing. Pretty scary. If he wasn’t so wasted I imagine he’d be screaming in agony. I didn’t take a photo, you know, to preserve his dignity.

OK, I totally took a photo. But after they covered him up and called for a stretcher.


Met up with Jeff from Central Village for Marah, who elicited cheers with covers “Baba O’Riley” and encore “Love Train,” a song from Philly, like the band. Wall Of Sound tribute “Round Eye Blues” was a highlight too. I took some video footage of that song, which I’ll try to YouTube for ya.


Today it’s fucking hot. Gotta hit up Matt later to cool off. But for now thanks again to AT&T ’cause this laptop is right next to an air conditioner. Timberland is giving away sunblock, which is Bonnaroo Survival Tip #1. Tip #2 is not getting stoned and climbing a lighting rig.

World Party played to the sunbaked hippies shortly after noon and Karl Wallinger wore a huge smile during crowd favorite “Is It Like Today?” I snapped a few pics and then dorked out after crossing paths with Ben Folds, who is onstage playing “Jesusland” at the moment.


Plans were made to meet up with You Ain’t No Picasso for Andrew Bird, but we missed each other. Bird was brilliant though, picking on his violin like a guitar on “Why?”


Anyway, I’m off to Devendra at That Tent. Also today: Bright Eyes, DCFC, Cat Power, Tom Petty, and My Morning Jacket. If I don’t pass out from the heat it’s gonna be sweet. Join in on the fun by streaming performances live here. Bright Eyes and Nickel Creek should both be streaming at 4PM (Central), and MMJ at midnight.

Will try to post later. Be nice to Amrit!

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