The Chinatown Bus

Forget Amtrak. When I went to Philly to see Radiohead, it was my first trip on the Chinatown Bus. Now I’m a believer. So clean (personal garbage bags!). Mad cheap (um, twelve bucks?!). Inspiring. And though all I can do is post, Brooklyn duo Project Jenny, Project Jan have done me one better: They wrote a song about it! Like to hear it? Here it goes.

Project Jenny, Project Jan – “Chinatown Bus” (MP3)

Now, that ain’t just a perfectly suited laugh anthem for your NJ Turnpike treks; they’re comin’ with knowledge. “Ni Ho Ma is what you say when you get on the Chinatown Bus.” Ingratiation like that will get you a $2 discount. I shit you not!

If you like what you hear, grab a ton of the band’s MP3s here. (I suggest “Negative;” hilarious laptop dancehall about losing the negatives to the sort of pics your girl doesn’t want you losing the negatives for. If you follow.) And the kids can work a room.

The Chinatown Bus runs to D.C. and Beantown too. Far as I can tell, it’s all good. If you’ve got a story, post it.